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"Dance and performance highlight our interdependence with fragile ecosystems as an endeavour to appreciate inter-subjective experiences as consciousness, to be realised through yielding communication and sincere compassion."
Opal Vapour (2012)
With Ria Soemardjo
& Paula van Beek

Soft Targets (2010)
With Amelia McQueen
& Bilwa Costa

Intimate Alien (2009)
With Taurus Ashley

Encountering the City (2006)
With Katarina Schröter

Human Flame Forest (2009)
With Paula van Beek

Osmosistanetix (2010)
With Nikki Ashby
Yaluki William Ngargee

Shadow & Ash (2007)
With Paula van Beek
& Declan Kelly

Marauders (2007)

With Emily Amisano
John Cage Musiccircus
Melbourne Festival

Gongtronic (2005)
With Albert David
Global Beats
Sydney Opera House

Disease (2005)
With Alfira O'sullivan
GANG Festival

Diaspora (2005)
Mentoring Imara Savage
SPARK Mentor project
Newtown Theatre

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